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  • 3 years later...

Reviving this necro thread.

Spent 20+ minutes searching under cabinet filler and didn't find the abswer.

Using 2020 Suite

The manual says......"Once created, cabinets, soffits, shelves, partitions and fillers can be selected and edited much like other box-based objects. See “Editing Cabinets” on page 271. "


For me that is not true, it auto created the filler and I cannot pick or select it. no matter how close I zoom in on the 2D plan or the 3D camera view


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My comment above applies to someone using Pro.


Suite is limited in many things and only has automatic fillers. I don't see what you are referring to in the Suite 2016 manual and I doubt this feature has been added in newer versions.




You can create a cabinet that looks like a filler and use it as needed.



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I took the above advice and it worked great.  More specifically this is what I had/did...


I had a base cabinet 3 inches from a full-height and HDA dutifully created the automatic filler, as documented. However, the filler that it created was the full-height, not the base next to it.  I think this is a bug [height of filler should be min(height_left,height_right) ] .  Anyway, taking the above advice, what I did to get around this was to create a base cabinet that was just 3 inches wide and removed the doors and drawers from the front and replaced them with a blank area. Next I had to slide the cabinets away from (more that 3 inches) from the full-height (that contained the filler) in order for it to remove the filler from the full-height.  Next I slid in my new 3" base next to the block I had moved and then slid the entire block up against the full-height  -- Worked like a charm!


Home Designer Architectural - 2022


p.s.  I spent a bit of time thinking about automatic fillers and got a headache when I realized how complex this is to do.  To 100% fully automate every possible situation this would be a HUGE effort on behalf of CA.

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