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  1. I took the above advice and it worked great. More specifically this is what I had/did... I had a base cabinet 3 inches from a full-height and HDA dutifully created the automatic filler, as documented. However, the filler that it created was the full-height, not the base next to it. I think this is a bug [height of filler should be min(height_left,height_right) ] . Anyway, taking the above advice, what I did to get around this was to create a base cabinet that was just 3 inches wide and removed the doors and drawers from the front and replaced them with a blank area. Next I had to slide the cabinets away from (more that 3 inches) from the full-height (that contained the filler) in order for it to remove the filler from the full-height. Next I slid in my new 3" base next to the block I had moved and then slid the entire block up against the full-height -- Worked like a charm! Home Designer Architectural - 2022 p.s. I spent a bit of time thinking about automatic fillers and got a headache when I realized how complex this is to do. To 100% fully automate every possible situation this would be a HUGE effort on behalf of CA.