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was curious if anyone knows why certain pieces of furniture will accept the fabric i add to user library and some wont....this specific would be the Haupt corner changes solid colors based on the printed fabric but wont incorporate the print itself....and i wondered does it have to do with the fact it is a multi-seating sofa vs a chair?


i was actually impressed i didn't give up....i thought the issue was with all my user library jpg and gif fabric swatches and almost deleted them all.....and it only took me 3 days to figure out


that is good for me, by the way!


have a good week

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I checked your claims in my copy of Home Designer Suite using the sofa you indicated. I found nothing at all wrong.


You  mentioned ".jpg and .gif swatches..." , were those custom materials that you imported? The standard Library Browser fabric materials work fine, so that must be a problem in how you imported, named and programmed your custom materials is what I think. What did you actually do, step by step?



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