Front Door Roof Cover


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Heads up! This is my "trial and error" plan set and still a work in progress.  I know there are multiple errors and for sure something is preventing me from doing what I'd like.


I'd like to get the floating black shed roof to drop down over the front door and connect with the white shed roof at the upper ridge of the first floor--follow the arrows.


I've been scanning this site for hours over the past few years so thank you to all the helpers already as I've learned much!


And thank you for helping me get this roof right. Kind of unique and whacky but it wouldn't be fun otherwise!



8.15.16 Meg worked on III-cantilevered.plan

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Glad that worked. 


Manual roof planes are easy once you get  some practice. 


Pro also has, I believe, the Transform/Replicate tool which can be used to move them precisely in any direction.


And Overgaard has been here for about 80 years. Between Payson and Show Low, about 4 hours east of Prescott.

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