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Yep, it's probably just you. :) I started with Deluxe version 7 eons ago and while I have skipped some versions along the way, whenever I've upgraded I've always seen improvement in the rendering.

Check out this earlier thread for some suggestions on improving your 3D renders.

Best 3D Camera View Renderings -

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I refuse to believe that it's just me, too many others have complained about the same problem: RENDERING! And most of us cannot AFFORD Chief Architect Premier. . I think it gets worse year after year. Take a look at my gallery.  Those nice shiny floors, done with a program that cost me $10.00! Home Designer can't come close to that!


My 2 cents!

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Most of the rendering complaints I see in the forum are video card issues, not with the general quality?

You can create shiny floors in Home Designer too.

  • Make the floor material in the room "Mirror"
  • Use a rug/soffit/closed box shape resized to cover the entire floor.
  • Apply the floor material (plank/tile/whatever) to the rug, then edit that material to be slightly transparent.
    (35% is what I used for the attached example just from one of the samples included in the program, I'd want to tweak the lighting and other materials more if this was a real project.)
  • Do a Final View with Shadows.

For what it's worth, here is also one attempt to recreate your hair salon image in Home Designer Pro 2017. I didn't have any salon type chairs, so those I did have to import from Trimble's 3D Warehouse. Everything else is from the library. I would need to tweak the lighting to get the trey to show up brighter, and I could probably find a better material for the folding screens, but I think it's decent for a first try.



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Very impressive Kat, but I have HD Arch 17, and I am unable to make the floors shine. It does not have the ability to turn the floors into mirror. But I still love your take on my design.

By the way that was for my daughter who wanted me to style her shop so that she could envision it happening, and it happened!

Oh, and I like your orange chairs better!

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Okay, I admit, this one has been bugging me, so I went ahead and downloaded the Architectural 2017 trial and tested it out with one of the Interior Design templates and you'll be happy to learn that you're wrong.  :)  It does work in your version!

Pretty much all the Home Designer programs have the exact same rendering capabilities (except maybe Essentials but I couldn't find that version on the website anymore).


Instead of a rug for this one, I used a Slab for the wooden flooring material in this one because I could place a break in it and reshape it to the L shape of the room.  Didn't want to spend time modifying the other materials or lighting, but I'm confident I could improve the realism of the view using the same tips from the earlier thread I linked to.


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