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    No Scroll

    Thanks so much, guys!
  2. Rapidnurse

    No Scroll

    There is no scroll bar in HD Arch 21. Could anyone tell me how to restore that?
  3. Rapidnurse


    Spin off, made with Home Designer Arch 18.
  4. From the album: RapidNurse

    My interpretation of mid century, living. Wish I could play "My girl" on that record player!
  5. Rapidnurse

    Panorma View

    I was using the panorama viewer and noticed a man with some sort of gun in it? Was this done purposely or was it a mistake? It is called Hecla Spheric. HD Arch 19.
  6. I have never had any trouble with them responding, and very quickly. Never.
  7. Does anyone know how to fix a moving window sill? It moves when doing a walk-through. I've tried changing windows but it doesn't seem to work.
  8. Rapidnurse


    Is anyone else experiencing slowness while applying materials? I'm experiencing extreme slowness. I've done everything to clean the computer, but it persists. Any suggestions? HD Arch 18
  9. From the album: RapidNurse

    HD Arch 18
  10. Rapidnurse


    Thanks David! We can always rely on you for quick correct answers!
  11. Love this colorful living room. Nice job!
  12. Rapidnurse


    Is there a reason why the reflections (mirror) don't show up during the walk-throughs? CA Home Arch 18
  13. Very impressive Kat, but I have HD Arch 17, and I am unable to make the floors shine. It does not have the ability to turn the floors into mirror. But I still love your take on my design. By the way that was for my daughter who wanted me to style her shop so that she could envision it happening, and it happened! Oh, and I like your orange chairs better!
  14. I refuse to believe that it's just me, too many others have complained about the same problem: RENDERING! And most of us cannot AFFORD Chief Architect Premier. . I think it gets worse year after year. Take a look at my gallery. http://hometalk.chiefarchitect.com/index.php?/gallery/image/282-hair-salon/ Those nice shiny floors, done with a program that cost me $10.00! Home Designer can't come close to that! My 2 cents!
  15. Is it me? Or is Home Designer starting to look more like a cartoon and less realistic? HD Arch 17.
  16. The objects do not work the same as the ones from the library. I have to use a shelf to put on top, and you can't put the sink in but you can place them on the top.
  17. Rapidnurse

    Kohler vanities

    I like Kohler's vanities, but has anyone figured out how to place the sinks into them? HD Arch 17.
  18. So, I see what you're saying..just experiment!
  19. Can someone tell me how to turn off the shadows in HD ARCH 17? I guess they are automatically turned on, which is okay, but it slows down the viewing. I couldn't find it in the defaults or preferences. Thanks! HD ARCH 17.
  20. I, too wish there was a better rendering for the Home Designer Suites. Chief Architect makes HD look like a toy! But, there are a few things you can do to make it look a bit better. You can download Paint.net and work with it to get a better look. Look at my designs in the gallery, there were all completed working with Paint.Net. And furthermore, I personally find that the more I update the software the worse rendering I get. Now, that is my own personal opinion. And if I could afford Chief, I would get it, but for me this is just a hobby.