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  1. David, I am using those resources, and will continue to as long as I try to use this thing - you can see that I answered someone else here asking about saltbox roof creation by referencing a training video. You're being a lot more respectful than solver, which I appreciate, but you're basically saying the same thing - users of the HomeDesigner line shouldn't expect any support. I understand the basis of your statement - we paid less, so we should expect less. However, this company does actually claim that buyers of the HomeDesigner software line will get support in numerous sales materials,
  2. Thanks Eric - they do say on their marketing website that support is provided and there is even a support website. I provide support myself for numerous enterprise IT systems, and work with lots of vendors who do the same, and partner with our end user support team on anything that is appropriate. I think every product I work with or person I work with tries to help people that ask questions, certainly that's what I do, is I help the person solve an issue, whether it's configuration, code bugs, or explaining operation and giving tips. Not used to this "not my job" attitude that you say is
  3. I believe I saw a saltbox roof automatically generated in the latter half of this training video re roof creation. Hope that helps you.
  4. Hi - I am a new user for Home Designer Architect 2018. Overall I have been having a pretty good experience, but some things are confusing and frustrating. I am not tech-phobic, I work in research informatics; on the other hand, this is a big, complex app, and it seems some things may not have been thought of, and others may have been disabled in less expensive versions like mine - which sometimes leads to my being stuck, and not even knowing if something can be done, let alone how to get it done. Anyway, I submitted a ticket for a support question on the supplied website https://