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Hi there,

I got HD Architectural 2016.

I am wondering how the image quality (.jpg) of the "Final View" from a "3D/Top view" of a floor plan can be improved or

 If this is the best it gets? Please see the attached files. When you zoom in the image gets blurry.


Thanks for sharing your knowledge !





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It may be that you are seeing merely the overall quality of your PC or MAC hardware as opposed to something else. Attached is a dollhouse image I made from your plan using "Standard Render", Water color and Technical Illustration camera types (see attached images), so there are other choices for you.






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Well, yeah, if you zoom in on an image enough outside of the software, you're going to start seeing the individual pixels.  Pro has options for size when you export images, so you can make it larger than your screen allows, so would be able to zoom in farther before the image gets blurry or pixelated, but at a certain point, if you keep zooming in on a photograph, its not going to stay crisp.

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