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I am attempting to have step down concrete sections using break wall / pony walls ... see "Step concrete front.jpg" attachment.


I can split the wall into multiple segments.  However when I set the segments to different pony wall heights, the break wall lines disappear ... see "Step concrete top.jpg" attachment.


Also, when I attempt to move the break wall line closer to the corner, it snaps to the corner.  The .plan is attached.


Please advise.


Also, is there a way to disable the auto rebuild wall?  Thanks!



House 160525 03 no interior.plan

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One thing that helps, is to use Manual Dimension for locating the break wall line.  After changing the pony wall height, the Manual Dimension defines the break wall location. 


It would be good if Chief Architect fixed this ... did not erase the break wall line with adjacent pony walls. 


The attachment shows a concrete step wall that is not rare.


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