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    Adjacent pony walls

    One thing that helps, is to use Manual Dimension for locating the break wall line. After changing the pony wall height, the Manual Dimension defines the break wall location. It would be good if Chief Architect fixed this ... did not erase the break wall line with adjacent pony walls. The attachment shows a concrete step wall that is not rare.
  2. cte677

    Adjacent pony walls

    Home Designer Pro 2017 I am attempting to have step down concrete sections using break wall / pony walls ... see "Step concrete front.jpg" attachment. I can split the wall into multiple segments. However when I set the segments to different pony wall heights, the break wall lines disappear ... see "Step concrete top.jpg" attachment. Also, when I attempt to move the break wall line closer to the corner, it snaps to the corner. The .plan is attached. Please advise. Also, is there a way to disable the auto rebuild wall? Thanks! House 160525 03 no interior.plan
  3. Solver, I tried your suggestion ... does not work. Is there another way to put in a cathedral ceiling, other than soffit? The roof pitch is 6" ... the ceiling pitch is 4.55".
  4. Unfortunately, unless I'm missing something, I wanted Home Designer to identify the locations of the angles. It seems that if I draw custom ceiling planes, it will be based on what I think ... which may not be accurate.
  5. I found a better photo ... see attachment.
  6. This is one room. The angle extends into the room about 7 feet. The photos I have, see attachments, show one end and the other end. Unfortunately, I don't have a photo of the entire angle.
  7. Home Designer Pro 2017 I have a cathedral ceiling ... 8' outside wall ... 12' inside wall. There is a window above 8' on the outside wall ... see attachments. How do I cut into the outside wall (V shape)? ... see attachment. House 160426 11 no interior no garage cathedral.plan
  8. I'm preparing dwgs for a concrete company ... want to ensure they pour the footings in the correct locations. Found a workaround using an invisible wall. Thanks!
  9. I did not realize the "Arch Panel" was a continuation of #5. I was looking for the pattern in #5. This sequence works: Arch -> Tudor Arch -> Full Arch -> Height ... General -> General Height.
  10. How do I create a window with a triangular top section? Help -> Launch Help -> Windows -> Shapes -> Shape Panel ... I know how to create #4. How do I create B under #5? ... see attachment.
  11. I have footings for basement stairway walls. When I add a wall / door under the stairs, footings become shorter ... see attachments.
  12. Now I understand. I select a color from the core catalogs, then place that color on the siding. Thanks.
  13. I should have clarified. I am able to change to different colors ... but the lap siding images disappear.
  14. Pro 2017 Is there a way to expand the siding color choices? For example from blue to a very dark gray ... or black?
  15. Unfortunately, I can't "Mark Solved" for all of you.
  16. I appreciate the patience and persistence of all ... and the suggestions / links / docs / videos. The videos clarify a lot!!! Chief Architect has many docs / videos. The challenge is to sort through and identify the ones that apply. And some are difficult to find. For example, the video "Advanced Roof Design" posted by Solver ... a search for "advanced roof design" on the Online & Mobile Training Videos does not find this video. I like this video ... thanks for posting it. Regardless, thanks to David Jefferson Potter, katalyst777, and Solver! ------------- Regarding the first question (in the first post), I found a solution. I had tried Dormer before (Architectural) ... required a room. The garage is one big room ... which was not acceptable to the Dormer feature. I just realized that Pro has an Auto Floating Dormer. This works. Just need to delete the window and resize.
  17. Thanks to all for your help. The video clip clarifies. There is a lot on the Chief Architect website ... is difficult to identify what is applicable. Your suggestions are appreciated.
  18. Thanks for the suggestions. I've read the roof sections in home-designer-suite-2016-users-guide.pdf and home-designer-architectural-2016-reference-manual.pdf. Unfortunately, I have a deadline ... which adds to the challenge. I'm close to finishing (house / basement / garage are completed) ... just struggling with some roof tweaks. I completed step 1 and moved the roof planes ... looks good now. It took some tweaking to set the location of the back of the gable. I locked the pitch at 8 and set the Ridge Top Height to 160. Perhaps there is an auto feature to accomplish this? Step 3: Build -> Roof -> Gable/Roof Line ... then connected left of the window gable to the right of the porch gable ... see attachment. Nothing happens ... must be missing something.
  19. Yes, I am able to open your .plan, and see the colors. Thanks! While I have used Architectural for a while, I have used Pro for only a couple of days ... steep learning curve. Step 1: Delete the weird extra roof planes above the porch. On the .jpg attached, the left is before ... the right is after. Did I delete the correct roof planes?
  20. katalyst777, This is close! The third gable needs to extend forward to the window gable ... as is shown on the right side of the first jpg attachment. Also, I see the gap over the porch gable is now gone ... great! Could you describe the sequence to achieve these results? Thanks!
  21. This is a downside to upgrading to Pro 2017. I'm attaching an Architect version ... hopefully it can be opened. One other flaw is the blank area in the roof over the porch (visible from a side view) ... have not succeeded in fixing that. I am unable to: 1) Move a gable from the roof edge to the roof middle? ... see left half of the jpg attachment. I can move the roof up, but there is no siding that goes with it. 2) Create a third gable (marked in red)? ... see right half of the jpg attachment. 3) Fix the roof gap over the porch. House 160412 01 ... 160408 04 architect no interior.plan
  22. That is exactly what I'd like to achieve. How did you do that? Thanks!
  23. Yes, I did upgrade to get the roof done. I have made manual roofs ... works well ... except unsuccessful in accomplishing items described in my first post. I have viewed David's videos, and some of those on Chief Architect. ... don't see any that apply. Please advise. Thanks.
  24. I can't find solutions, to these specific questions, in the links provided.