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  1. As this is an old post, I have created a new post ... "Move gable from roof edge to middle?"
  2. Home Designer Pro 1) How do I move a gable from the roof edge to the middle? ... see attachment. 2) How do I create a third gable, when one gable is higher than the other? ... see attachment. House 160410 03 gable no interior 03.plan
  3. I should have mentioned, in my previous post, that I have tried Build -> Roof -> Gable/Roof Line. It works fine ... except in this case ... I don't see the left gable roof image (on the main floor), because it stops partway up the roof.
  4. I have upgraded to Home Designer Pro 2016 ... provides more flexibility to create gables. It's not obvious how to create a third gable ... see attachment.
  5. I found a temporary workaround ... change to Frame-3 1/2.
  6. How do I remove sheet rock from one side of interior wall? The attachment shows two adjacent 2x4's ... want to remove the sheet rock between them.
  7. How do I increase the font size of labels. For example, a door ... I change the label to 36". It is quite small to read on a floor plan.
  8. Architectural 2016 How do I drop the garage floor to be two feet lower than the main floor ... 8 ft ceiling in house, 10 ft ceiling in garage ... garage ceiling and house ceiling same elevation. See attachment. House 160331 19 no interior.plan
  9. Great observation! Thanks!
  10. I just discovered. The floor plan does appear black and white on the screen. But when I print a pdf, it changes to color.
  11. Home Designer Architectural 2016 Viewing the house with a camera ... allows viewing in black and white ... 3D -> Rendering Techniques -> Technical Illustration. How do I accomplish this for a floor plan?
  12. Home Designer Architectural 2016 Is there a way to have the outside dimensions provide the distance from an outside edge of a wall to the center of windows (automatic, not manual)? This is the standard for contractors ... eliminates the variable associated with different windows / widths.
  13. cte677

    Hip / Gable

    Home Designer Architectural 2016 See attachments. 1) Why the double lines in the roof on the right side? 2) It is difficult to move any of the walls in that area. I would like the extension wall to be 9 foot wide ... the angle wall starting 1 foot from the end. 3) The two angle walls to be 45 degrees. Would Pro fix all of these problems? House Bismarck South 160314 15 no interior.plan
  14. Home Designer Architectural 2016 How do I remove the strange hip roof that is added ... see attachments. House Bismarck South 160314 07 no interior.plan
  15. I found a way via the default settings ... Edit -> Default Settings -> Dimensions -> Setup -> Main Wall Layer.
  16. Home Designer Architectural 2016 How do I disable the dimensions that include the width of the siding? ... see attachment. There is no value in this dimension. How do I shut off the Auto Exterior Dimension?
  17. Can't find that dialog box. Tried: Build -> Roof -> Build Roof -> ... no Framing Tab. Then tried: select wall -> Open Object -> Roof ... no Framing Tab. There are some "white" areas that are inexplicable to me ... see attachment ... marked with red circles.
  18. Home Designer Architectural 2016 How do I remove extraneous parts from gable? ... see attachments. This has happened before ... then I have restarted. It's time to learn how to remove them. House Bismarck South 160313 31 no interior.plan
  19. I made partial progress ... need to shorten the overhang ... see attachments. House Bismarck South 160312 21 ... no interior.plan
  20. Home Designer Architectural 2016 How do I modify a gable to accommodate a rectangular window? ... see attachments ... .jpg and .plan. House Bismarck South 160312 10 ... no interior.plan
  21. Attached is a solution from Chief Architect Support ... nine jpgs. Took a few tries ... but succeeded. The images were of great benefit.
  22. I don't see a way to add an attachment ... guess I'll need to re-post.
  23. Chief Architect support was able to provide a solution ... https://support.chiefarchitect.com/tickets/57465. It took some effort, but works!
  24. Another solution. Thanks! What program do you use to create the video clips? ... the computer monitor screen with voice added.
  25. Home Designer Architectural 2016. How do I add bricks between two columns? ... see attachments. House Bismarck South 160307 03 no interior walls.plan