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I am using pro 17.  I found a post that shows using a custom countertop to build the surround.  Is this the best way to build one.  I need a triangle shaped surround.  I tried a soffit but could not change it to a triangle.  My customer is keeping the tub, I just need to put it in my plan.


I am on a MAC, and have another question. I have pro 15, 16 and 17 on it.  Can I delete the old versions or will I loose part of the program, if I do it?  I tried to move the 15 to trash but it would not go to trash.




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To get a triangle using soffits and/or cabinets  you have to use 3 of each.


You can't delete the program, you have uninstall it   I'm not a MAC user, however I would think process is the same difference.


Right click on .msi file for the software and click uninstall, or open the .msi file and click remove, lastly use the operating systems uninstaller.


Keep in mind it uninstalls the software only, not the  plans, catalogs, textures etc:


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