Adding Curtains and Blinds to Windows


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Are the directions at #5 & #6 correct?


I select the curtains, then: 3D> Materials> Material Painter> Material Painter Component Mode from the menu.  The only thing that happens, is my selection goes away. 


(If I double-click the curtain it brings up "fixture specification".  Is a curtain a "fixture"?  It was added from the 3D Warehouse, so I tried on a native object and got the same result.)


If I select the curtains, then: 3D> Materials> Material Painter> Material Painter...   the Select Material dialog box displays.


Actually... I reread it and it seems like #5 is referring to just resizing.  I normally just use the Material Painter icon from the toolbar, but was going through Knowledge Base Articles to see if I was missing anything (what all I'm still missing) when I ran across this and tried it.


Are the directions wrong or am I misunderstanding?  Anyone else?


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The article states



To add a window treatment
  1. Select View> Library Browser Library-Browser.png?1437075400 from the menu to open the Library Browser.

  2. Browse to Interiors> Accessories> Window Treatments, and select a window treatment that suits your needs, such as curtains or blinds.

    In this example, Tabbed Curtains are used.

  3. When you move your cursor into the drawing area, your cursor displays the fixtures icon. Click to place the selected window treatment fixture at that location. If you click close to a wall, the fixture will snahe stepsp to the surface of the wall.

The steps you took bypassed the above I think.



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Hi David,  I'm not sure why that would make a difference opposed to already having placed the curtain prior.  It doesn't work for me, so I'm not going to try to do it that way.  There have been several times I've went over the instructions several times before it sunk in though.  So I'll just keep on keeping on.  Thanks for checking it out anyway.  :)

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