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  1. It just looks closer. Guess I will fiddle around with it and try to get closer. Not sure about the entry... Nothing solved. I just appreciate the effort she (?) put into trying to help.
  2. I've been away from HD for a while, but I want to pick back up. I got the floor plan really pretty close, but was not having much luck with the roof. I'm going to add the plan and some pictures to see if anyone knows the best way to approach this. The back of the house (laundry, dining and storage) is an addition. The wall separating them from the rest of the house is actually an exterior wall (sided) with drywall attached. The only direct picture I have of the back is from when we had an ice storm, but the side views would give you a better idea of what they've done with the roof. The garage is also an addition, just kind of tacked on to the house with a totally different roof height. The front door entry presents another dilemma. Any suggestions would be appreciated. What is the best way for me to figure out the height and pitch of the roofs? Is there a visual approach (such as knowing the height to the window top, etc.)? Or will it be necessary to use a ladder and tape measure? It doesn't necessarily have to be exact, but it would be nice to get it close. Any suggestions? Questions? Any tips about ANYTHING else would be appreciated, also. Thanks. 1 Home Defaults Exterior BU.plan
  3. I have the camera Height above floor set at 60". When using the mouse scroll wheel with either the Floor or Full Camera it does not hold that position. It's randomly moving up or down at varying increments. Is there any way to keep it steady, unless I orbit?
  4. Thanks for the info. I have moved some folders. I believe I have them set up now, so I won't need to move again. (I put them in a sync location.) I just did a test and that must have been what happened. The 2.63GB must be the items I got from the 3D Warehouse and in the beginning I didn't think much about adding large files. Since I am unable to see what is in that folder, I have no way to weed out the large ones. Maybe I should start over? Does anybody know how to see what's in that folder?
  5. Go to User Catalog, right click, New, Material. Usually... I suppose the missing ones I imported and then deleted the original file. Assuming if they showed up in the library browser, they'd be saved? So CA decided to allow different options to add materials, but only one method saves to the User Library? Interesting.
  6. When I add materials shouldn't they be saved in the User Library file? I've added several items and they come up missing. I've found out not to try to see what's in the User Library file....
  7. There's a tool at the top. I've moved mine around, so I'm not sure what it should be. It looks like a ruler. When you hover it says "Manual Dimension", if you choose the down arrow it has options and there's one that says "Auto Exterior Dimensions".
  8. Fidellaty

    Plant Shelf?

    Where is the Arched Valence located?
  9. Fidellaty

    Tiled Windows

    I mean the program windows. I normally have been keeping them tabbed, rather than viewing the plan and the 3d at the same time.
  10. Fidellaty

    Tiled Windows

    If I have two windows side by side as in attachment, when/if I switch (move the cursor) from one window to the other, both windows temporarily go blank. Is this normal?
  11. I tried adding the paint color using a thickness of 1/16" and it seems to have solved the problem. Maybe?
  12. I deleted the paint layers and that made the wall ends finished. But you are right, there seems to be a problem. Maybe something wasn't set to display. From the directions I found it looks like you did it right.
  13. I'm sorry, I didn't see that you had attached your plan in your original post.
  14. After you browse for the file to select you have to choose the button right below to "Attach This File". It doesn't look like you plan was attached.
  15. Thanks for the videos. I'm going to try to watch (re-watch) all I can find.
  16. Hi David, I'm not sure why that would make a difference opposed to already having placed the curtain prior. It doesn't work for me, so I'm not going to try to do it that way. There have been several times I've went over the instructions several times before it sunk in though. So I'll just keep on keeping on. Thanks for checking it out anyway.
  17. Are the directions at #5 & #6 correct? I select the curtains, then: 3D> Materials> Material Painter> Material Painter Component Mode from the menu. The only thing that happens, is my selection goes away. (If I double-click the curtain it brings up "fixture specification". Is a curtain a "fixture"? It was added from the 3D Warehouse, so I tried on a native object and got the same result.) If I select the curtains, then: 3D> Materials> Material Painter> Material Painter... the Select Material dialog box displays. Actually... I reread it and it seems like #5 is referring to just resizing. I normally just use the Material Painter icon from the toolbar, but was going through Knowledge Base Articles to see if I was missing anything (what all I'm still missing) when I ran across this and tried it. Are the directions wrong or am I misunderstanding? Anyone else?
  18. Is there any way to see the dimensions of library objects before they are put into a plan? Or should I know how big double sink wide and double sink narrow are? I really thought that v. 2017 offered that, rather than just being able to save a copy to the User Catalog for modification. The very bottom new feature says, "Symbol Object Specification Editable from Library." I misinterpreted that.
  19. Yes, yes I do. Well, that was easy. So in what circumstances would you want to delete them? I learned to delete them from instructions somewhere....
  20. Fidellaty

    Deleting Objects

    I like to see the exterior auto dimensions generally when I'm working with the plan, but sometimes I'd like to delete them and just see the the room labels with dimensions. If I delete the CAD auto dimensions (even though the room label is turned on in the display options) I have to go to each room and choose the room specs and then check to display room label. Is there another way? Same goes for living area... Thanks.
  21. Fidellaty

    3D Warehouse

    Oh. I'm sorry. I must have misunderstood. I am going through the reference manual page by page. At 616 pages, it quite comprehensive. Trying to jump right in has served me well, but I hope to get a good understanding through the documentation. I will try to help if I can. So with my brain just jumping around, I thought it would be nice if there was a place to look for 3D Warehouse models that other HD and CA users have found worked well for them (at least). One hundred percent compatibility might have been an overstatement. I see (in the warehouse) there is a way to share models through several social media websites or you could possibly upload (after downloading) and tag with Chief Architect? I don't know. Sketchup is new to me also, so trying to learn both it and HD is a lot at once. Maybe I will explore the options when I can in the future. Or maybe someone else will take the ball and run. Anyway it was just a thought. I would assume anyone that has used the programs for a good amount of time might have a nice little model stash. Eric suggested contacting Chief Architect. Maybe I can just ask them to check out this post. Your help is certainly appreciated. Thanks.