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I'm a novice 4 year user now using HD Pro 15.  I want to design an elevated structure where the ground floor structure is precast concrete piers with break away panels between the piers.  The ground floor is only for parking, beach gear and access to stairs/elevator.  The real living levels will start at an elevation of 11 ft above the ground floor for code.  I am planning on three total true living levels, two primary living levels plus a tower, above the ground level.  I've tried this before and am never sure whether to build the ground floor as a basement/foundation or as floor 1, with floor 2 being the first real living area. 


Any thoughts/advice?  Here's an "example" of the structure style I'm looking to design




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The lowest level can be floor zero, that is the garage level where you place the piers, I would assume. Then build your upper floors.Home Designer will only do structures up to four stories only, so your image will work in Home Designer. I cannot tell just from your photo how the lowest floor will look to passers by.


The piers can be simply cylinder shapes from the "Shapes" section of the Library Browser. To advise more I would need to know more. Generally speaking make sure all Default Settings are set correctly relative to how you intend to build the home in the field, set Default settings FIRST before starting to actually draw the walls.




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