Chief Architect Home Designer Architectural 17 - Question about rendering?


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Hi All,

I just purchased Home Designer Architectural 17 for PC and I have had versions in the past with no issues.

I do have an older computer but the drivers for the graphics have been updated and do meet the requirements by the specs listed in the requirements section.

My computer is an older Acer computer but it serves me well for what it is. It ran 16 flawlessly! I know there was a disclaimer BUT...................... When I select a pre-rendered plan, it loads quickly and 3d renders are perfect.

However, I just got to messing with 17 last night and I went to do the foundation and I hit the 3d camera view and it pops up a new window and then freezes. I was trying to see the 3d of the foundation to judge where I wanted to slope the yard for my what would be driveway and garage towards the rear of the home.

I am not understanding why it loads 3d renders that are pre-made but not just a foundation render that I create unless I am doing something wrong. It's been almost a year and a half since I used the program.

Any Ideas or Help is appreciated.

Thanks, Zac.


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I found the issue and I am up and running FLAWLESSLY! This issue boils down to something checked in the render (preferences tab) called "Use Enhanced Lighting". I even went to a friends house who has a much better computer and it does not make a bit a difference at least from what I can see. So now it works flawlessly! I guess persistence paid off!

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