How to specify Southern Yellow Pine


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I need to designate structural grade Southern Yellow Pine for floor joists (and other structural lumber in my home), but am unable to find the correct material. I'm using Home Designer Pro 2016. The steps I have followed:


Click Build on the top horizontal tool bar, scroll down & click Framing, click Build Framing.

Open Build Framing dialog.

Click Beams, Edit Floor Beam Defaults.

Open Floor Beam Defaults dialog.

Click Materials, Floor Beam, Select Material.

Open Select Material dialog.

Scroll down and expand menu for Wood. Expand menu for Pine. Structural grade Southern Yellow Pine is not listed.


Does anyone know which of the listed pine choices is Southern Yellow Pine, or how to import info for Southern Yellow Pine?

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There are in drafting two ways to designate a material:

1. Assign a texture file to your framing so it looks as you expect

2. Using text annotations you specify what the appearance is intended to be Whether or not the texture is or is not actual, your construction notes define the actuality of the apparent material. What you annotate will be followed no matter what it looks like.


No one is going to live in your virtual, digital model, its purpose is to guide other professionals to an intended result.



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