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  1. Thank you for your quick reply! I tried this and it was most helpful. If anyone else experiences this problem, I am using your suggestion along with another nugget of information from the Knowledge Base section of Home Designer. I found a tutorial under the Walls Section called Aligning Walls Between Floors. I drew a wall on the attic level, but needed to see where the corresponding wall is on the second floor level, and this tutorial addresses that issue. After drawing the attic wall, I also did an Open Object (on the wall), clicked Structure, and clicked Stop at Ceiling Above.
  2. I am fairly new to Home Designer and am trying to figure out why the walls shown in the thumbnails below are absent between the upper and lower roof levels. I have searched through the Home Talk threads for subjects that I felt might address the problem, and looked through various tutorials provided by Home Designer. So far, I have not found a solution. I tried changing the setting on the walls in question to “balloon through ceiling above” and it did not make any difference. Any help on this would be appreciated.
  3. BoyceLane

    Help Understanding Wall Type Definitions

    I am using Home Designer Pro 2016. I have started drawing a new structure. My interior walls are currently showing gypsum board, but no paint. Would it be correct to go to the Wall Type Definitions Dialog and add a layer of paint (and possibly even primer) to the interior layer wall (I only have 1 interior layer wall type), so that my walls will automatically have a layer of paint each time I draw them?
  4. BoyceLane

    How to specify Southern Yellow Pine

    I need to designate structural grade Southern Yellow Pine for floor joists (and other structural lumber in my home), but am unable to find the correct material. I'm using Home Designer Pro 2016. The steps I have followed: Click Build on the top horizontal tool bar, scroll down & click Framing, click Build Framing. Open Build Framing dialog. Click Beams, Edit Floor Beam Defaults. Open Floor Beam Defaults dialog. Click Materials, Floor Beam, Select Material. Open Select Material dialog. Scroll down and expand menu for Wood. Expand menu for Pine. Structural grade Southern Yellow Pine is not listed. Does anyone know which of the listed pine choices is Southern Yellow Pine, or how to import info for Southern Yellow Pine?