Elevations on sloping land


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I little direction if I may.

I have my Plan and I can send elevations to layout

It assumes the building pad is flat so I can insert a cad angled line to mimic the fall of the land and insert some elevation data for levels

Ideally I would like to just send the elevation to layout with all the fall lines complete so it shows the cladding etc between floor level and ground

I can set up terrain perimeters and elevation data to show the fall but it is the building structure between floor and ground where I am lost

Maybe create a basement and then eye drop the cladding to the subfloor ?

Maybe create foundation ?

Thoughts much lay appreciated

Had pro very powerful so far


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You need to build a Foundation. Build>Floor>Build Foundation


Also, you should set the proper room type for at least some of the rooms. Your garage and front porch both show wood floor and trim as if they were interior rooms.


Foundation with default settings. post-171-0-97720900-1458752754_thumb.jpg

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