Wall extending into ceiling below


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I'm running Pro 2015.  I built a 3rd floor just for a clerestory "tower".  I used exterior walls for this tower, and then for room type used open below.  However, the tower's walls are extending into the ceiling below and i can't seem to correct it.  It seems to only happen when I make the room "open below", which of course I want as I want the light from the clerestory windows to fill the 2nd floor.  Any thoughts/ideas?  I would save and attach thumbnails but can't figure out how to do that.  I tried File-Save Thumbnail Image - but I can't seem to find them anywhere?  I searched the forums but didn't find info on that process either. 



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I am running HD Pro 2015 on a windows 10 platform.

Hopefully I've attached several pics - perspective overview, 2nd and 3rd floor plans, and camera view of the issue


Thanks in advance for any help you can offer to fix this issue.








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