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I'm using Home Designer Pro 2015


Two questions:


First thumbnail shows holes in the upper portion of two gables...not sure why this is happening.


Further, as you can see from Thumbnail 2, this is a somewhat complicated roof with a bunch of 10-pitch gables converging and a 4-pitch section at the back of the house.


Third Thumbnail shows a portion of the floor plan.  Try as I might, while I have finally (after a week) been able to make the roof line appear the way it's supposed to be in a rendering, I can't actually generate a framing plan because many of the roof planes overlap.  I have spent HOURS trying to edit them in the plan view and each time I do, it either throws off the fascia height, or the pitch, or any number of bad results.


I guess part of my disconnect with the software is that I don't understand why when I try to join two roof planes that are practically touching, I get all of the messages as to why they can't be joined.


I've read tutorials, watched tutorials, etc. etc, but this is clearly beyond my skill set.  Any suggestions? 


Apologies in advance...I'm incredibly tired and incredibly frustrated.




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Thanks, this looks great.  Other problems?  I'm afraid to ask.  I'm aware that the walls have to be shifted slightly where I have the three roofs coming together over on the left.


One last question, is there a reason why every time I try to edit the dormer on the second floor, it says it isn't attached to a wall and then disappears?

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Fixed a small roof problem found while looking at the dormer.


Also deleted the auto dormer and drew in a manual one. Far fewer problems doing it this way.


You will need to check sizing, roof pitch etc if you wish to use.


If you just want the roof, you can always delete the roof from one plan and then copy the roof planes from another plan, then Paste>Paste Hold Position.


Master Plan (Eric).zip

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