wall with gate on terrain


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my new old house has its base floor 50 cm above the terrain. At the corner of the building is a wall with an top rounded iron gate leading to the garden. This wall and so this gate is on the terrain level, see attached photo post-5611-0-94552400-1455048718_thumb.jpg.


How do I build this in Home Designer Architectural 2016?


I've tried:

1) an inner/outer wall. This is always placed on the height of the base floor and under the roof it is extended up to the roof.

2) a terrain wall, but there are no doors allowed.

3) a combination of soffits, fences and doors/gates, but there I can't get a nice piece of wall above the gate.





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Make a Slab room, lower the Floor height (I just made the concrete slab floor the same material as the Terrain before realizing in your image that you may actually want to see the Slab), uncheck Roof Over this Room.  Place your door, set is as arched and whatever door/gate you want it in.


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