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  1. Hi, my new old house has its base floor 50 cm above the terrain. At the corner of the building is a wall with an top rounded iron gate leading to the garden. This wall and so this gate is on the terrain level, see attached photo . How do I build this in Home Designer Architectural 2016? I've tried: 1) an inner/outer wall. This is always placed on the height of the base floor and under the roof it is extended up to the roof. 2) a terrain wall, but there are no doors allowed. 3) a combination of soffits, fences and doors/gates, but there I can't get a nice piece of wall above the gate. Thanks Helge
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    I use home designer architectural 2016 on El Capitan, no problems so far.
  3. Hi Eric, it's evening, and I tried your solution. At first a little fiddly, but finally done. Good to have architectural blocks and some windows of the same size. But one drawback: There are no moldings in the recess. I tried without the soffits: no moldings on doorways in exterior walls, see picture. May be I missed some options? But nevertheless: Thanks for the answer!
  4. Whoa, what an active forum! Thanks for the answers, I'll try Eric's solution in the evening. For David, I attach a picture from the outside. I currently have no picture from inside, but think of the normal walls as 30 cm bricks, the pebbled parts below the windows are 7 cm concrete slabs. Helge
  5. I got a house with some kind of reverse pony walls for the windows. Below the windows the walls are thinner with different surface and room for heating radiators. Before remodeling the house I wanted to create a nice plan, so I got the home designer. I created my exterior walls, broke them where the windows are and placed my new deigned pony walls. But when I place a window in these wall parts, they are always smaller than the pony wall. I can't drag the handles more outside, and when I type the exact size, it is automatically reduced. I tried every setting in the windows dialog, nothing helped. So how can I draw my windows? Helge