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 recently bought a model needed for a kitchen and I have never done this before (importing) I am struggling with it and it is not in the download folder when I try to import it through Home designer file/import menu.[/size]
these are the download , It says to download the OBJ. [/size]
Curved Glass Chimney Hood 3D Model Files[/size]

  • (208 KB) [/size]
  • (215 KB) [/size]
  • (271 KB) [/size]
  • (195 KB) [/size]
  • (347 KB) [/size]
  • (588 KB) [/size]

I have attached a couple of error codes and then how the model comes into my design (sideways and very large) really could use some help in this as I will be purchasing more 3d models in future.[/size]
I am using home designer suite.2014warning.bmpview.bmp[/size]


I now tried sketch up 8 and still can not locate it where it was downloaded to import to Home designerfirst step.bmp2nd step.bmp3rd step.bmp

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you don't need to pay for files off 3D warehouse they are Free ......


The file you have in Downloads is a .SKP (sketchup) which HD can import no problem (if the correct version) , but when you import>3D symbol    HD wont "see" the .SKP file until you set the File Type in the search box to .SKP  ( or whatever file type you are looking for) under "Files of the Type" using the dropdown box.


Try attaching .jpegs or .png pics  in you further posts , they show in the Post window unlike .bmp's and are way smaller in size too.




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No Chief Architect or Home Designer title imports "Zip files" (compressed archives), you first decompress or un-zip the downloaded files and then IF those files are in a file format that the software does import you can then import and use those symbols (check the " File - Import Symbol" dialog for which files are acceptable.



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