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  1. Thank you Eric. It is my program I woke up this am and tried on my old 2014 suite and it worked. my 2016 version says I have a critical error. I sent in the report. But thank you so much for your answers.
  2. Thanks, It just has not worked for me , it must be me.
  3. Hi I really need help here need to do a shed room for a coach house. Pitch is 3 /12 start 8' to 14'10" even just change two separate walls to be 8 and the other 14 but they all want to be the same height. Thanks Home designer suite 2016​
  4. Thank you both for responding, I figured out I did not have to buy as I found one free ,but needed it the same as my picture of my kitchen with the curved glass.
  5. recently bought a model needed for a kitchen and I have never done this before (importing) I am struggling with it and it is not in the download folder when I try to import it through Home designer file/import menu.[/size] these are the download , It says to download the OBJ. [/size] Curved Glass Chimney Hood 3D Model Files[/size] (208 KB) [/size] (215 KB) [/size] (271 KB) [/size] (195 KB) [/size] (347 KB) [/size] (588 KB) [/size] I have attached a couple of error codes and then how the model comes into my design (sideways and very large) really could use some help in this as I will be purchasing more 3d models in future.[/size] Thanks.[/size] I am using home designer suite.2014warning.bmpview.bmp[/size] I now tried sketch up 8 and still can not locate it where it was downloaded to import to Home designerfirst step.bmp2nd step.bmp3rd step.bmp