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i am designing a bench style shelf system for our front window.  it looks a bit chunky because i havent decided some dimensions but needed to get it on paper for my consultant husband.


it is designed like a picnic bench with 5 horizontal slats, 4 cross braces beneath the slats and 8 legs.  


there will be 4 units.  this is the bottom one so at a 14 inch height.  is there a way i can copy the bench and simply raise it another 14 inches as a whole or do i have to copy it and change it individually by each part...?


i was just curious




added an overhead view pic of smaller section to sort of explain the slat design...hope it makes sense is a 4 shelf system so bottom section 14 inches from floor, 2nd is 28 inches up, 3rd is 50 inches from floor and 4th is 70 i am trying to duplicate the collection of slats but raise the other 3 selections to their raised heigth without having to retype each individual board at new height...hope that clears it up a little


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Thanks for taking the time to reply.  i have home designer suite 2015 64 bit.....i hope to own the professional software in the future because i design homes under 1000sf and have quite a few i would love to publish/sell


anyway, i use the solid shape cube and shelf feature [from the kitchen cabinets toolbox] to design the items like this one......i just spent about 45 minutes creating the levels manually....and i am off one inch at the top because i calculated something wrong....and that is why i would love to copy the individual modular shelf and legs and just raise it to the right height.....i am smart but quite thick at times!!!  actually, i am on the autism spectrum and also have learning difficulties which actually means i just process information in a different way so conforming to 'normal ways'...well, i get darn frustrated but i LOVE designing!!


so, if you have a solution, i would appreciate it because this is what i go through....i now will disassemble or delete the shelves i copied and raised in individual pieces because i cant figure out where i went wrong....what shelf is off 1 inch


pathetic, huh!!!!! 

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Suite lacks the tools to make this easy. 


With Pro, for example, you could group all the individual parts, and copy them as one up, choosing how many copies, and how far to move them.


Are you working in an elevation view? You could change the snap grid/snap unit settings so your parts would snap into place as they were moved up.


Might be a bit confusing as you have parts that would be behind other parts.


If starting over, I would build the back legs, place one slat (the one on the back). In elevation copy the base and slat up. Then add the second slat, and back in elevation copy it up. Repeat until done. Then do the front legs.

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thanks, eric....yes, i was hoping i could create a single object.....someday i will own pro.  i did sort of come up with the idea you present and you made it clearer so i will take the tip and do it again....askiing is the only way to learn and so, thanks!!

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