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Hi all, I recently discovered the 3D object import option of HDA.  I've been trying a variety of models from 3D Warehouse.  I think I've gotten a handle now on the various error messages I get when importing files in .SKP format (texture file name already exists, can't find texture file, etc.). 


One problem I'm still having is some objects do not render correctly.  The textures on the objects seem to appear in the wrong clipping order so that rear surfaces (relative to the camera) are rendered on top of front surfaces.  This even occurs between separate objects with one background object partially showing through another object in the foreground.  Here is an example:




(Here is the model on 3D Warehouse: https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model.html?id=udd2bc91a-6a49-4de2-8eb1-aee971e7c116)


I've tried .SKP (various versions), .3DS, and .DAE and all exhibit this to some degree or other.  Further the results seem somewhat random, varying depending on the order in which objects are added to the model and/or modified. 


If I replace one of the textured surfaces within HDA with a solid paint however, the result renders correctly, so this clipping issue appears limited to textures only:




Any ideas how to get better results with the original textures?  (either within HDA or starting within Sketchup)


Thanks and regards :)


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Not my area of expertise but I can say that the quality of 3D objects from 3D Warehouse is a wild variable, the only constant is that they are free of cost. I usually download several candidates for a purpose and discard the ones that I find to be of poor quality, it seems to come with that turf 



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