Tray Ceiling that doesn't follow the roof pitch


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I have a second floor bedroom that looks like it has a standard tray ceiling that HD Suite knows how to build. However, the ceiling does not follow the roof pitch. The roof has a pitch of 10/12, but the ceiling has a pitch of 7.5/12.


Can HD Suite create such a ceiling?




Jim Brown

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Solver - I may be using the terminology incorrectly, but I found this in the HD reference manual:



A tray ceiling is flat in the center and sloped

around the perimeter, and is easily created

using the underside of roof planes above.


In any event, I have enclosed a picture of the problem. It is a cross section through the roof and bedroom showing how the edges of the bedroom ceiling do not follow the slope of the roof.


I have looked at the wedges available to me, and they are all right-angled, so don't do what I need done.


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