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  1. That looks like it could work, if HD doesn't complain about it interfering with the ceiling/roof structure. I'll give it a try and let you know. Yes, I do have wedges.
  2. Solver - I may be using the terminology incorrectly, but I found this in the HD reference manual: A tray ceiling is flat in the center and sloped around the perimeter, and is easily created using the underside of roof planes above. In any event, I have enclosed a picture of the problem. It is a cross section through the roof and bedroom showing how the edges of the bedroom ceiling do not follow the slope of the roof. I have looked at the wedges available to me, and they are all right-angled, so don't do what I need done.
  3. I have a second floor bedroom that looks like it has a standard tray ceiling that HD Suite knows how to build. However, the ceiling does not follow the roof pitch. The roof has a pitch of 10/12, but the ceiling has a pitch of 7.5/12. Can HD Suite create such a ceiling? Thanks Jim Brown
  4. I would expect a $500 version to do more. But the $100 version should do what it does in a predictable, repeatable manner. I don't see anything predictable about the problems I had, nor the solution you discovered.
  5. Worked! Then I immediately unchecked Auto Rebuild Roofs. I have to say that I am not impressed with this software. As a one-time software engineer, I would rate it as not ready for the market. I am happy that people like you have spent the time needed to understand its idiosyncracies and are willing to help people like me (newbies) who haven't yet spent the time needed to learn what we need to know. Thank you
  6. Eric - Thanks for your assistance. None of your suggestions has made any significant change to my roofs. I have attached my plan so you can see more details. I have had to zip it, even though the original is less than 3 MB. 87 Thompson Roof.zip
  7. I am modelling an existing house. After I got the roof planes looking correct, I realized that the pitches were wrong. I was using the 8/12 default, but the house actually has a 10/12 roof. Attachments "Shallow Roof.jpg" and "Shallow Roof 2.jpg" show the design with roof pitch set to 8/12. Although this is the right shape, the rooms under the roof are not as high as the actual house. When I raise the roof pitch, I expect to increase the height of the dormer-like structure to keep it aligned with the peak. Instead, this is what I get - see files "Steep Roof.jpg" and "Steep Roof 2.jpg". Nothing I do seems to help. I can successfully increase the pitch to about 9/12 but no further. Any suggestions? Let me know if more files would be useful. Thanks PS - i have enabled Signature, but I don't see it in the preview. I am using HD Suite, 2016 on a Windows 7 computer.