3D Graphic File Error

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I'm pretty sure this was caused by one of my many SKP file imports. I'm not sure it really effects my plan other than providing this annoying reminder every time I open a 3D view.


If anyone can provide the root cause of this and a fix, that would be great. May help me when working on any future designs with the program.

Graphic File Error.tiff

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It means what it says, the file is missing, either it was deleted, saved to a different location or you don't have that texture in your library.


Click on it and change the texture, material etc:  or do what the error message says to do.

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I created a simple material in Paint that's just the color red and saved it as a bunch of different file types (png, jpg, gif, tiff, etc) and any time I get this warning (usually switching between computers with a plan when I didn't bother to use "Backup Entire Plan"), I choose that red color.

Then find the offending object in a 3D camera view and use the Material Painter (spray can) to replace the material with something from the Core catalog.

Would be nice if the software handled this better though.

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