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Hi guys and girls,


I am designing a custom tv cabinet for a client. Everything is going according to plan except one small yet important detail. I have constructed the unit out of 8 separate mini cabinets in order to achieve the final result. Top row housing all the components are drawers with smoked glass front panels and below are drawers with wooden panels. I would like the cabinet to appear as if the entire front (wood ) part is a single piece of wood that has been cut into the different drawers. Like a puzzle so to speak. 


Unfortunately no matter what wood finish I apply or how much I tweak the material settings it always applies the changes to each individual drawer. `Any advice ?


I also have recently purchased CA X7 so if there is a way to do it in there I would be happy to hear about that too.






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Sounds like a good question to post on ChiefTalk now that you have X7.


Suggest you post a plan with the cabinet as well -- they like that over there.


And remember it's Thanksgiving, so you may not get an immediate response.

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