Gabel walls extending into adjacent room


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I have several versions of this plan; all are busted except one which is very nearly complete; Proposal 010S G. This plan does not have the dormmer in the attic area and the problem stated early with the gable walls exist; there are some minor gliches here and there.  The second plan, Proposal 010S Kitchen A1, has the dommer with roof problems.


This plan is an existing sailing club with a new porch addition.


I'm using Suite.


You cannot delete gable walls; if you do, there is a big hole in your house.

Proposal 010S G1 Kitchen A1.plan

Proposal 010S G.plan

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Gable wall projected into adjacent room fixed.  This was resolved by using the same technique to fix the gaps in dormers except an isometric horizontal wedge shape was used.  The dormer gap is fixed with a inverted wedge shape.




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