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I am having a hard time figuring out how to properly use the dimensions features within Home Designer Architectural 2016.


Say, for example, that I drop a pass through into a wall.  I need to know that I accurately placed that pass-through within the wall; a specific distance from one end or the other.  The same goes for doors and windows, light switches and outlets.  Temporary dimensions measure between objects and the tape measure goes away when you release the mouse button.  These are objects within objects and I am not even measuring from the end of the wall, but from the inside surface of joined walls to the point at which the pass-through starts


As an example the interior dimensions of the kitchen that I am working on are 11' 5' by 16'-11 1/4".  I inserted a 5' wide pass-through in the longer wall that should be 35" from one corner and 34 1/2" from a 36" door also placed in that wall.  I can't figure out how to prove that I have them placed correctly.  And, I want those dimensions to show on the floor plan view.


Church Kitchen.plan


It may be obvious, but I am a newcomer/

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When you select a door or window, you get temporary dimensions. 


Mouse over the dimensions and you will see the cursor will change to a hand on some of them.


When that happens, clicking the dimension will allow you to change it.




Have you reviewed the Knowledge Base articles, and the Help within the program?


Searching here will also find threads on dimensions.


You can use Auto Interior Dimensions to fully dimension the plan.

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