Terrain Angles and Lot Layout


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Hi All


Newbie but I'm a bit confused at what I thought should be a simple thing to do...


I know the dimensions and angles of the allotment plus some elevation data but I can seem to find where I can easily enter or specify said angles.


In my case if we drew an east-west line as 0 degrees round to 180 degrees then:


- the angle of the north-eastern boundary (102.93m long) is 59 degrees from horizontal

- the angle of the north-western boundary (58.48m long) is 137 degrees from horizontal, this faces onto the road and so is the front boundary


That gives me the first two lines to orientate to true north then the last two boundaries can be expressed as:


- the south-eastern boundary (73.29m long) has an inner angle of 86.5 degrees to the north eastern boundary (or 152.5 degrees from the horizontal on the eastern tip)

- the south-western boundary (87.67m long) has an inner angle of 112 degrees to the north-western and 83.5 degrees to the south-eastern


I can't seem to find a way to specify the alignment of the terrain


Also I need advice:


- should the terrain be configured first then do the house plan ?

- the house won't be on a true north facing so what's the best way to draw the house plan then orient to the block?





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Thanks for that, I've created the terrain perimeter larger than the allotment as I have to show a distance to a standing body of water for the septic system (maintain a 60m distance for the evaporation field)


I've added the actual allotment boundary as a fence, put in the road and left the terrain as flat for now


I clicked on the build terrain though and nothing happens, no errors either


What could I be doing wrong as in the video you click build and get a preview screen you can tile to view changes as you build...


I haven't added a structure yet but a terrain preview shouldn't need that?

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