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Thank you in advance. I have been struggling with this problem for over a year. Every so often I try again to fix it and then give up. But I can't make any interior changes to this room until I get it right. I came here I think or another forum and got some help but I was never able to get the suggestions to work and I failed to save the suggestions so I need to start over. 


The pictures should show the problem. Something I have done with the walls of the room over the garage is making the roof way too high. I've included the 3D of the inside and a photo of what the inside really looks like. 


It's been a while since I tried working on this, and I know it's something to do with knee walls but I've read over the article about knee walls and I still don't get it. I'm happy to pay someone to just fix this for me, I don't need anyone to spend lots of time trying to explain it to me because you will no doubt get frustrated with my inability to understand. But If you think I can fix it, I'd love to get some help. 


Thank you.





Smileyflower home.plan

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Here is the link to your post in the old forum:



This floor plan should help.  I did this with HDA10 by tracing over your floor plan jpg, so the dimensions in my plan will not be exactly as yours.  But it should be close.


I don't know if your program will open this file.  If you download the free trial of HDA2016, you will be able to open it.

Comparing my settings to yours, should help fix things.  :)


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