Corner Pantry


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I wouldn't use partitions, because they make adding a door very tricky and inconvenient.  Using a wall will allow you to add a door that you can open to see the shelving inside the pantry 'room'.
Using a 'half-wall' allows you to set it's height.  The program will allow you to set it's thickness to a minimum of 27mm, but I think that's good enough to provide some stability.

Using a cad line (shown in red) set to the dimension you need, will assist you in placing the walls.

Use a custom countertop and shape it for the shelves.  Once correctly shaped, open the dbx and uncheck "set height from cabinet".  With shelf selected, copy/paste/hold position for however many shelves that you need.  In the 3d window, grab each shelf and drag it to the correct height position.  

Lastly, add another custom countertop and precisely shape it to fit the pantry 'room'.  Open the dbx and uncheck "set height from cabinet".   Once again in 3d, drag it up to the top of the room to become the 'ceiling' of the 'room'.


Hope this helps  :)


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