Hole in the wall at roofline


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I am having a problem that I have run into a number of times so I expect others have as well but cannot find a post with and answer. I have two roof systems coming together and holes appear in the wall side. Common thread is the hole is above a non-exterior wall. This model has two examples.


Thanks for your input.




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Happens to me all the time, and is always frustrating to fix. To provide the best solution, we need to know more about your plan, but here are a couple of ideas.


In all cases, try to get the walls set as needed, then build the roof. 


Roof Cuts Wall at Bottom. This lets you have a wall on top of the roof, and no wall below.


Lower Wall Type if Split by Butting Roof. Adds a different type of wall below -- say, an interior wall.


Roof planes need to split the wall, not butt against it.




The roof plane often needs to be modified as shown here where I moved part of it back.




You could also add 2nd floor. The raised gable in front could have a second floor as the raised part. It all depends on what the inside needs to look like.



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