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  1. I'm trying to build a staircase similar to the attached "desired staircase" picture, where the stair rail is continuous to the top on the left side of the staircase, but ends part way up the staircase into a wall on the right side. (I am NOT trying to bend the railing at the top left rail as in this picture.) The stairs are slightly wider at the bottom on the right side, to accommodate the rail that meets the wall. If I put the staircase intersecting the wall, I find no way to end the rail at the wall and my wall is broken in 3D camera views and (see drawing attached). The winder feature does not work, as it assumes the stairs wind to the wall on the open (left) side of the staircase rather than on the (right) side with the wall. The closest I can get is to build two separate staircases, but I cannot find a feature to connect them, such that the stringer will look continuous where they meet. I was able to extend the stringer at the top of the lower staircase to get close to the bottom of the higher staircase, but they are still separated by 1" behind the top tread of the lower staircase. I have Home Designer Pro 2017. Thanks for any help you can provide.
  2. SandraA

    Hole in the wall at roofline

    Thanks for this thread. It helped me a great deal in filling in the holes in my walls where two roofs of different pitch come together.
  3. SandraA

    Gable wall not meeting roof

    Thanks, Solver. I added the attic wall on the third floor, and it worked perfectly. I did try researching the wall that did not automatically build in the Training Videos, Knowledge Base and on this forum, and did not find any solutions. I will make sure to check youtube next time as well. I added the version of the software to my signature, as you suggested. Thanks, again.
  4. SandraA

    Gable wall not meeting roof

    I have three gable roofs in my house. In one of them -- the second-story bedroom behind the garage -- the gable walls are not reaching the full roof height. They are taller than the defined ceiling height, but much lower than the top of the roof. I've looked at the structure setting for each of the rooms and cannot find any differences. Any ideas as to what is causing this?