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I have a chain of say 4 dimensions that are either end to end or manual types and each one doesn't add up to the total.  For instance one wall length dimension says it's 3'-6" but when I highlight the wall and click on the dimension to change the wall location it comes up as 3.59761".  I enter exactly 3'-6" but it still doesn't change the actual dimension but it still shows 3'-6".  The program is  obviously rounding up but that throws off the end to end dimension.  I have the dimension default set as 0 decimal places and minimum as ½".

Any thoughts as to why this is happening?


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Images show an example of changing one of the odd dimensions. Once changed, it stays changed.


The only dimension related setting I change is Snap Unit. This keeps your objects aligned with the snap grid, so if it is set to 1", then walls will have a length in multiples of 1".


The program is only rounding for display, the internal dimensions are accurate.




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