How do I set the page number in layout?

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I have accepted the fact that I can only have one layout page at a time and that to produce a complete drawing set will require several layout view. I noticed though that in one of the standard title blocks that I have selected for use that the page number on the sheet has the following code:




When the sheet displays the number shown is "A-1". This suggests to me that there should be a place where I can set the page number for that layout file so that the title block will have the number I want. Of course I could edit the page number directly but It seems like it would be nice to be able to edit the "page" variable. Is there a way to do that or is the %page% coding something that really belongs to a different verison of the tool?

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That page number symbol only works in Chief Premier where the layout file has 1,000 blank pages. In Home Designer Pro you manually number each page (layout file), I commonly name them : plan.layout, elevations.layout, electrical.layout etc. it is a little more work compared to Premier but for a lot less money.



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