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I have posted a few questions here -- how to fix the side walls of my shed dormers so they don't protrude into the second floor -- but get cut off below the roof plane and how to make a gable roof over the angled garage.  I have tried your suggestions but to no avail.  The auto roof function creates roofs all over the place but not where I want them.

Could someone please take a look at my plan and fix the problem areas -- the dormer roofs and the garage roof as I am exasperated.  For some reason auto roofs never work for me on this and other projects.  If someone could also let me know where I'm going wrong then I can fix it in the future and not have to bother you guys.



Foothills 7660 Franklin Road.plan

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I did it manually. The program is good about joining rood planes, so the front garage roof plane joined easily to the front house roof plane. The fascia height was I think an inch different, but I changed the garage to match the house. 


Draw in a small roof plane on the back of the connector space and join it to the rear garage roof plane. Drag it to the house wall. Then drag it up to the ridge.


Connect up the ridge -- the hard part on this one.

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