That silly little .jpg thing that appears in my file folder...

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,,,is beginning to annoy me.


Those that know me understand that I am a stickler for neatness and order - not to the point of obsession I might add but I do like things to be tidy.  :wacko:


So can someone please tell me how I can stop the software placing a tiny little .jpg image in my plan file folder alongside the main plan file?  For the life of me I can't fathom the purpose of the picture and it really stuffs up the layout of the files in the folder.  If I delete them (as I have done) they just reappear again after I have worked on a plan and it is really driving me up the wall now!


I thank you.




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Objecting to the preview ,jpg image being created is like wishing the sun not to rise, in that the software produces a preview thumbnail image (it is programmed to do that by its makers), you can specify a small or large thumbnail but you cannot turn the feature off.

The intended purpose is that when you open a plan file, the image shows in the "Open Plan-Layout file dialog".

Deleting the existing image will only prompt the software to create a new one, the next time you open that plan or layout file.

I do not particularly like the feature but it is what it is presently.



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David is wrong! Wow, that's fun to say. ;)

Select Edit> Preferences.  Go to File Management.  Under Thumnail Images, uncheck "Enable" and click OK.

It won't delete any ones that have already been created, but you won't get any new ones generated once you turn it off.

BTW - As for not being able to fathom the purpose, it makes it very easy to see what the file looks like when opening or searching for saved files.

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Thanks, Katalyst.  David will never speak to you again!   :lol:


Sorted.  I'll just change the settings as and when I work on other plans so that the thing won't appear again.

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