low wall on one side, offset roof/long overhang


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Home Design Arch 2015, Mac


Hi, I need to understand how to match this existing cottage roof. My family is trying to get a clear picture on adding to it for our kids and moving out there before we build a bigger homesteading farmhouse. We would like the scale to match very much!  The addition will have a lower roof line around 1/3 the top of the upstairs, almost exactly where you see the old foundation cinderblock on the ground that we are reusing elsewhere.  




I have been trying the directions and have gotten semi close. It was a long three hours and I didn't save my work :(. But that is okay. I am hoping that when I go at it again it will be less messy this time; fewer edits. I tried playing around with pitch following the directions for the offset roof. The problem I may be having is that the wall on the back side is only 48" tall (a short short wall in a room with Cathedral ceilings). The Overhang in the front is nearly 7 ft in the front with a wall that rises 8 ft high up there, 4 in the back. 


Any help I would appreciate so much! Thank you! 


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Definitely do able , I'd use invisible walls to get the roof to build over the front section since you don't have a deck or Porch there .


draw the 1st floor of the house              and then set left and right wall to "gable wall"


add invisible room on front (bottom) with 3 walls , set invisible room to have no floor strucuture and no ceiling , check use Soffit material box too, and then set left and right wall to "gable wall".


build 2nd floor derived from the 1st.     set finished ceiling height to 48" ( you mentioned)  and then set left and right wall to "gable wall"


build basement / foundation and add terrain perimeter if desired  


Then build the roof   (hopefully it came out right ), now turn off "autobuild roofs" in the Build Roof DBX so it cant ever change again....


Add Posts and beam to Front roof for Support , looks like you have Branches now... :)



hopefully you have something like this..





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