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  1. Yep - its Architectural, that is less than Pro right? 2020 version too.
  2. I post this image to help point to the 12" 5/8 - it's like no matter how I try to pull the top up or the bottom, and by changing defaults, stem wall, I can't seem to think this through on how to change it to be 14"
  3. We are far along now, with the draftsman finished and back with lumber yard quotes with an engineered floor system (and roof trusses.) I am going over the window design (firming schedule) and there are some rather difficult choices, or software defaults I am facing. My main point is to see how the room span/windows feel with the true heights and looking out two VIP windows: at a cooking garden view counter and at sink. It looks like the headers might not have enough room now? Maybe I need to bring the windows down and that would bring the window locks/sash right in front of our fac
  4. Btw. In my area that price is plenty to approach a draftsman with a autocad file in many formats HD has.... and get a savings on their time plus a double checker for your plans. We are even speaking to a Architect Draftsman team and getting a quote for less than that. I just "sold" HD to a friend that is excited about my renderings video and she needs for her remodeling plans, now. I would only learn CA if it was for business. Not to mention the upgrades and furniture files that linger in the future price tag (maybe furniture extras are given to CA?.. maybe) but you seriously need to have some
  5. Oh! PS.. it is a screened porch.. so yeah.. I didn't find a best way to do that with so many angles so gave in after a while of messing with shapes. Thanks again!
  6. Thank you so much for your time! I can't wait to open this up!
  7. Hi! It is very kind of you to honor me with your time LawB10! I did spend a long time editing plan yesterday, but not sure how much look would look better in your eyes. Tiny bits were a tiny bit out of line.. each room got a little something but not far off at all from what you see. Here is the whole story! Super condensed.. It is not a usually home. GC with husband while we both are stock investors, farmers and homeschooling parents. We have skills but not tons of time.. want to make treehouse time.. and we need some serious plans, with another set of eyes from s
  8. Hi David.. Goodness! I did but I am sorry. I don't know if that Sig page was saved for sure. I am running out of data (rural living!) and I need to go to the library for the rest of the time I guess to spend time on changes.. But I am using HD 2015 Build: Thank you so much for your time.. sorry for the PITA..
  9. Hi. Thank you so much! Been crazy around here with life. I am sorry for the delay. Here is the Zip file.. I appreciate anyone opening this up on their system and helping! Thank you! .. We have some out of line walls in the plan - but that wall shouldn't be affected or in question. We are working from opposite corner going in.. we are talking traditional lumber and rim joist with this house and working on translating those fine details. Anyway.. I fixed the walls anyway in a newer version but it had no effect on that roof line. no
  10. Very Cool! thank you! I love how people forms communicate relative size so easily!
  11. Hi! Thank you so much! I edited my original post. Is that more helpful? I am not sure exactly how to upload my plan, but I thought maybe pictures of the screen would be a good start.
  12. Hi! I am about to hand over my plans to draftsman team. I am having an issue with the roof line. It is great but near our balcony, a second roof appears out of no where, right next to the balcony "room" but not over it (I could fix that easily). It is lower since it is 3 ft from the edge of the home, not over balcony. I did a floor reference display and found that on the second floor only, it displayed an incomplete house envelope section. I have tried going to each floor and clicking.. respanning that wall.. nothing seems to work right. Each house envelope is always complete on each floor, bu
  13. Got it! "Frame size" is for Marvin = "Window Dimensions" is for Anderson = Window Dimension in HD 2015.. all match up! Thanks to Marvin for putting in the files! It helped a lot to compare them both..