Extreem slow loading HD pro 2016


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Good day


I did send this to support, but would like to know if other users share this experience.

Just upgraded to HD pro 2016.
I installed it on a SSD drive and am running a windows 8 PC
It takes minutes before Home Dessigner appears affter clicking it's icon.
In the task manager i can see it has been activated
and once it runs it is very responsive.

My hardware specs are:
AMD FX 836 EightCore procesor 4.00GHz
Ram 32.0 GB

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I would not personally put up with such performance (so I understand your complaint), especially since you have rather good hardware specs. I am sure that Tech Support will be able to assist you, the poor performance you are getting from such nice hardware is unacceptably slow. Let us know how it turns out.



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