Different pitch on two areas of same rectangular building

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Suite 2014.


As an example:


Start with a simple, rectangular structure with a 12/12 roof pitch and full gabled walls on the short walls.  An addition is added on one of the short (fully gabled) walls with a 3/12 pitch and the peak in line with the 12/12 peak.  How do I show the two pitches?


I thought that I would simply 'break' the walls and enter a different pitch for each of the wall sections, but I cannot get it to show the different pitches.




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Hi Terry.  Welcome to the forum.


You've stumbled on an idiosyncracy of the Home Designer software's programming.  For reasons only the programmers know, the automatic roof building tools do not build what would otherwise result in overlapping rake walls, as would be the case in a 3/12 pitch addition sharing a common wall against a 12/12 pitch main, especially if both sections have the same baseline height (this last bit is the key, I think, but isn't the only variable).


A workaround, depending on what you need to show, is to build a second floor above the 12/12 pitch portion and set the ceiling height to zero in the upper floor's room dialog box.  The fascia heights will be slightly off from one another between sections, but that is due mostly to the different roof pitches.  This can be fixed in Pro with Pro's more advanced roof tools than are available in Suite.  By building the second floor, your model will have addtional floor framing, and this may be undesirable ... again, depending on what you need to show.


If additional floor framing is a problem, then don't build the second floor and instead raise the height of the main section a couple feet (play with the height value to see where it tips back to common pitch), and then manually add an attic wall on the attic level where the rake wall should be.  It's good to have choices.


Good luck. :)

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What software title and version are you creating with please? Please post a sketch or image that shows what you want to do or what you have done that has fallen short.



The answer below solves it.  Thanks. - Terry

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This Workaround does work , still need the wall breaks I believe but on the second storey level of the 12/12 section you can reduce the floor structure to 2" with 0" floor finish , you don't have to use the "default" setting which is 12" , you can also uncheck the box "floor under this room" to eliminate much of the height gained.


Build the whole 12/12 section 1st with the 2 storeys , then add the one storey 3 1/2 pitch section or you'll add a 2nd storey to the 3 1/2 section too making it even taller, then build the Roof(s). The Eaves won't match due to the Pitch so you'll need to lower the wall in the 3 1/2 section to match maybe 10-12" for a 18" overhang.



Note I have Pro 10 so these options my not be available in other titles?





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