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Scissor truss, specifically "no", you can do that with Home Designer Pro. In terms of emulating the effect of a scissor truss (secondary vaulted ceiling) then the answer is "Yes" using sloped, shaped soffits to do the emulation.


For a simple common rafter vault (where the underside of the roof planes form the ceiling) -all you have to do is to uncheck "Ceiling over this room" check box on the "Structure Tab" of the "Room Specification Dialog" for the space you want to vault. That command removes the default flat ceiling; you would use that command to create a common rafter ceiling or scissor-truss type vaulted ceiling.



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Neither of David's suggestions are helpful for the Suite version (they're fine for Pro users, but then, Pro users also would have actual Truss tools and wouldn't need to use sloped soffits for this anyway) since sloped soffits aren't available and a cathedral ceiling isn't really the same as a vaulted one which requires manual ceiling planes.

You could, however, import a scissor truss symbol from the 3D Warehouse in Suite.

KB-00888: Importing 3D Symbols

Bunch of different trusses in this one, but you'll have to use SketchUp Make to create copies with only a single truss in them.


If you do want to create a cathedral ceiling (where the underside of the roof planes is the ceiling), you can follow the steps in this Knowledge Base article.

KB-00160: Creating a Cathedral Ceiling

There's a note at the end of the article that states: "Note: In Home Designer Pro, you can create a vaulted ceiling using custom ceiling planes that do not match the pitch or shape of the roof above."
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