How to make a wall half tile / half glass?


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it does work , you can make the wall materials ALL Tile so the wall is wrapped in tile , you sometimes run into issues with room mouldings etc , which turning off the room definition on a wall can help with sometimes.  here the pony wall is only 4" the top 1/2 (90%) glass



The 1/2 wall with a Soffit (cabinet tool bar) made into a glass panel can also work left side of this pic as an example:



The Knowledgebase (KB) is always a good place to start if you have questions , lots of good Tutorials like this one:

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If I did that you wouldn't learn how  :)    2016 stuff/plans won't open in 2015 sorry.... 


if you don't already have them my Stainless Steel library I used on the handle ( pull with no base plate) and hinges is posted on the Forum here:


Actually , the door is just a standard interior Door with most "options" OFF . Also Make sure in Defaults>Plan  the "ignore casing on resize"  box is checked if you want to slide it right to the wall.

( which it usually is ITRW, so the Wall studs take the weight of the glass directly esp. if door is over 28" wide)


- Set door to Slab and make it 3/8" thick ,width 30",height as needed and 4-6" off floor for Curb Height Allowance

- set option to swing both ways             ( must open out for Code but most allow swing both ways)

- turn off casings, sill, threshold. lintels etc

- Turn Locks to None

-Set handle to Pull ,no baseplate in and out

- hinges as wanted

-Then set both Door materials, to Glass Standard which I prefer in HD although it will really be Tempered, as I don't like colour Cast of Tempered in HD.

- Set hinges and handle to Brushed Stainless_Vert. Material from Library. 

- once every is the way you want make sure to select it and Save it to your Library for next time.


Think that's it. Let me know if I missed a Step...



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Thanks to you i finally got my room to look like i wanted, thanks alot!


There is only one thing that is missing and that the handle. There is no "Pull ,no baseplate" to choose. I only find with baseplate and it looks way different. Is that some custom handle you have?


How did you add that cap? Looks great.


I'm sorry if i'm asking silly questions. TI'm new to the program and trying to learn what you know.


Thanks again!



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The cap is a custom countertop -- used because the default color is what I wanted, but a soffit or slab would also work with an applied finish.


You will find soffits useful for many things. 


Here is a suggestion. New users seem to want to add a huge amount of extras to the plan as they are drawing it and focusing on the little details. Suggest getting the complete structure correct first -- floors, walls and roof. Then make a copy of the plan and start adding extras.

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The Slab tool is also useful for many things which soffits can't do eg be curved or shaped.


Try the Bonus Cabinet Hardware library and the Accessibility Library for other Bathroom items, and of course 3D Warehouse



I had a play in My Pro 10 Program last night since you have 2015 , sounds like you got it done but here is the Plan anyway for you too look at.


Glass Shower - Pony Walls Method.plan



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