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  1. It may have. Let me work with my model and see if all other floors are OK Thanks
  2. Suite I have a multiple floor building with various ceiling heights. It has been a struggle to draw. Now, I'm attempting to revised ceiling heights and floor elevations. In most cases without success. I have revised elevations in the Spec box when it allows it but the walls do not regenerate with the new ceiling heights. Also, in many situations the elevations are greyed out which I don't understand. Why would the software coder block the designer from changing or setting the elevations. That is my choice, not theirs. The s/w package is great but very very frustrating. How can I do the above?
  3. David Thanks, your suggestions for smoothing the terrain resolved that problem. And, after reviewing your tutorial I was able to solve the slope along the foundation. Your use of the elevation region gave me an idea which fixed the slope problem. Sailor
  4. I need to slope terrain along a foundation wall. I have tried every trick I know with no sucess. If I come close to a slope, it will be about 2 feet from the wall and then the terrain will always dip to the bottom of the foundation. Any suggestions? I have review the tutorials; they are no help. Second issue: the terrain generated by the elevation lines does not jibe. Does anyone know how this algorithm works? I have seen the terrain rise in areas that it should go down; also, it greates holes and jagged hills when it should be smooth. Any help in this area. Are there user tutorials that explains these anomalies and how to trick the software to perform as needed?
  5. Thanks, I was able to bring in the old future symbols but not in 3D. I was a little surprise that Chief Architect down graded their package when it came to the libraries. I would thought they would have improved them over a 20 year period. If you are aware of any funiture libraries that are as robust as the orginials I would appreciate the name of the web site. Thanks again.
  6. How do I convert the old 3D Home Architect libraries to the new Chief Architect Suite program? This 20 year old package was loaded with furniture and variours of other items unlike the Suite package. Thanks
  7. Suite PC I have specified 16" overhang. The roof generator created 16", 3' and 4'. What can I do to correct this? Better yet, why doesn't Chief Architech fix these bugs. Thanks
  8. I have the Suite version. Several of my gables have disappeared and leaves holes; they will not regenerate. In fact, I can't find the regenation icom.