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  1. I have completed a 1-1/2 story house design. To force the automatic roof generator to create a correct roof design I had to reduce the second floor ceiling height to 78" and uncheck the "no ceiling" box. The interior images are correct. However, I would like to have a 96" ceiling for actual and imaging purposes. Is there a way to do this? The actual house would be built with attic roof trusses; Suite does not allow for trusses.
  2. David, I'm retracting my statement about lowering the second floor ceilings. The way I corrected the roof step cause the roof ridge to be off center. I did as you suggested; at ceiling height of 78" the ridge was dead on center and the step was gone. I called for no ceiling and all the rooms appeared OK.
  3. David, I agreed with you about using PRO. The club house roof is tough to do in Suite.
  4. Thanks for the input. David, I tried reducing the ceiling height for the second floor. I had to reduce it to 82" before the step came out. Since the roof over the porch is tied into the main roof I began increasing the height of the porch ceiling; this resolved the step issue. I still had issues with the garage roof integrating with the main roof; I just kept adding and changing attic walls in the garage until it was resolved. The one main roof plane at the garage end should had extended all the way to the garage roof; it doesn't. I haven't been able to force it to do so. In an earlier post I was having trouble with the dormers. I used your suggestion to create them manually. I used a manually created dormer for the front which is split between a stairwell and a bedroom; this work. The back dormer is an automatic dormer which worked fine for this bedroom. Thanks LaeB10, I do check alll my walls; however, I was not aware they change ceiling heights if not align. Thanks Kevin E1.plan Kevin E1-Perspective Full Overview Image.pdf
  5. What causes this step in the roof on a 1-1/2 story house? See attachment This has happen several times in the various versions for this 1-1/2 story house design. I have never been able to eliminate it successfully. Kevin E-Perspective Full Overview Image.pdf Kevin E.plan
  6. I'm using Suite, I'm not sure I can explode it?? If I can will this solve all the other problems? If not, I will need to draw the dormer manually. What about the gaps and the gutter that are created when the dormer is drawn manually? I know I can use the transparency technique to get rid of the gutters, but haven't found a solution for the gaps in the walls.
  7. SAILOR139

    Dormer problems

    Question: If Automatic Dormers are used can walls be attached to them. See attached image. I had planned to run a center wall within a wide dormer which separates a stairwell and a bedroom. I also planned to attached a closet wall to one of the dormer walls and a bathroom wall with the other. In the case of the center wall the dormer greys out. In the case of the attached walls there is a gap between the dormer wall and the manually placed walls. If I built a manual dormer there is a gap in the dormer wall where it meets the roof plane of the roof. This is mentioned in the tutorials but no clear explaination how to rectify this error; the one they suggested appear not to work. Does it need to be fixed with a sofit patch or is their another fix? Is the above possible in either case? Or will I need to create a manual dormer and use a sofit patch for the gap? DORMER 01.pdf
  8. Problem resolved I rebuilt the second floor with the dormer rooms. I uncheck the roof box "ignore second floor". It appears this solved the problem. The roof built correctly. Thanks for your input. By the way, I have reviewed written tutorials and video tutorials and none of them seem to have answer by problem; but, maybe I just didn't understand them.
  9. Thanks Eric for your honesty. I thought there may have been a simple answer. I was just trying to add a simple dormer to the second floor; I don't think a 500 dollar package is the answer. This design is a straight forward 1-1/2 story home, not the complicated club house I was working on which probably could use CA Pro. I don't expect anyone to work on my designs. Maybe provide an anwser that I have overlook. Suite
  10. I manually constructed a dormer for a story and half; followed the tutorials; I have the ignore second floor off as stated per tutorial. The roof over the dormer or the dormer walls do not construct when building a new roof. If I uncheck the ignore second roof and build roof, the whole roof goes nuts!! What's wrong? I would appeciate a direct solution and not a tutorial unless it addresses this paticular software problem.
  11. The dormer was manually created on the second floor. It is not correct but close enough to represent the existing dormer. I'll review your suggested documents. You understand I do not want two pitches, just the 9/12. I have spent probably 30 hours doing what you suggested; I'll keep trying. On some versions I have been able to obtain the constant 9/12 pitch but other roof areas blow up. I have been involved with CAD since the 1960's; I don't think I have run into as tough to use CAD program as Chief Architect; however, their results are excellent if you can get there. (Yes, there were CAD programs in major corporations back in the 60's) The one suggested tutorial is about automatic dormers. This will not work in this design.
  12. I have several weeks of design on this project. I'm very close to finishing. However, I have not been able to solve all of the roof problems. The roof in this version changes pitch from 9/12 to 3/12 when it is intercepted by a dommer which has a 3/12 pitch. I want it to retain it's 9/12 pitch. Attached image file and plan. Suite 2015 Proposal 010S G3.plan 3D Image of double pitch roof.pdf
  13. Problem solved. To reset the floor and ceiling defaults for the room which had no floor: Change a wall between the defective room and an adjacent room which has the correct settings to "no room definition". The defective room will assume the correct settings of the adjecent room; reset wall to "room definition". You may have to clean-up wall, floor and ceiling material for the defective room since it will have assumed the adjecent room materials. IT WORKS
  14. Thanks, I will do that if I can ever get there.
  15. Thank you. That is a big jump from 99 to 500 for a DIY'er
  16. Thanks. Most of the invisible walls are needed to force the automatic roof generate to create the roof as built. Or, it was only method I could find to design the existing club house. I specified the rooms on slab to provided the correct rendering in elevation views. I'm sure they may be another way to do this. This atrium area has always been correct in the previous versions of this design; something went bust. I created the dormmer in the attic area because this was the only area the software would allow it. I worked dosen of hours trying to duplicate this dormmer with no success; even tried to add a third floor which created more porblems which I did not have time to resolve. The dormmer isn't perfect but close; however, the auto roof generator blew up. I just wish they have given us edit tools for the roof. I will save a new version and apply your suggestions. However, trying to set all the elevations back to their correct elevation will be a real bear after appling the default settings. Appreciate all the help
  17. If I had lost the room definition, the spec box would not had open or the area would not have greyed out. It does have difinition.
  18. Suite 2015 One of the room floors in my plan has disappeared. I have not been able to reset any Room Specs to retrieve it. I have reset all of the floor and ceiling in the Edit defaults settings and this does not have any effect on it; I still see terrain for the floor. Room is identified as "Slab"
  19. Suite 2015 I wish to show exposed roof rafters and second floor joists. How is this done? My design has a large summer porch which has exposed roof rafters.
  20. Thanks for the compliment. I'll keep working on it; surely there is a way to trick the software.
  21. You apprently have a more advance software package than I have. Nice enhancement.
  22. I have several versions of this plan; all are busted except one which is very nearly complete; Proposal 010S G. This plan does not have the dormmer in the attic area and the problem stated early with the gable walls exist; there are some minor gliches here and there. The second plan, Proposal 010S Kitchen A1, has the dommer with roof problems. This plan is an existing sailing club with a new porch addition. I'm using Suite. You cannot delete gable walls; if you do, there is a big hole in your house. Proposal 010S G1 Kitchen A1.plan Proposal 010S G.plan
  23. I have two adjacent rooms; both have gabel walls; one room exterior wall extend 8' past the other room; both rooms have catheral ceilings. In the full camera image the gable wall of the one room appears in the full image of the other room. See attachment. How can I resolve this? Proposal 010S G1 Kitchen A1-Full Camera Image.pdf
  24. It may have. Let me work with my model and see if all other floors are OK Thanks
  25. Suite I have a multiple floor building with various ceiling heights. It has been a struggle to draw. Now, I'm attempting to revised ceiling heights and floor elevations. In most cases without success. I have revised elevations in the Spec box when it allows it but the walls do not regenerate with the new ceiling heights. Also, in many situations the elevations are greyed out which I don't understand. Why would the software coder block the designer from changing or setting the elevations. That is my choice, not theirs. The s/w package is great but very very frustrating. How can I do the above?